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NFL’s Pro Bowl has Officially Jumped the Shark

When I heard that the NFL decided to move the Pro Bowl to the Sunday before the Super Bowl, I thought to myself, “Wow that’s a pretty good idea.  An all-star game leading up to the game instead of afterwards.  You just keep getting smarter and smarter NFL.”  Now that the Pro Bowl is this weekend and the Super Bowl matchup is all set, I now think, “I’d rather have this irrelevant game after the Super Bowl.”

With the Saints and Colts set to face off in the Super Bowl, that means there has to be a total of 12 players to replace the players of those teams in the Pro Bowl.  Which is ridiculous.  Also, lets look at the AFC’s Quarterbacks.  Originally it was Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and Phillip Rivers getting voted in.  Well, Manning can’t play now because of the Super Bowl and both Brady and Rivers aren’t going to the Pro Bowl because of injury.  So that means they need to get a whole new Quarterback depth chart, so they go to the 4th, 5th, and 6th voted QBs and so on… to pick from.  4th was Ben Roethlisberger who declined  the invite due to injury, 5th was Matt Schaub who will play, 6th was Carson Palmer who won’t play due to injury also, 7th was the Titans’ Vince Young, who played a total of 10 games this year, will play and so will  the Jags’ David Garrard.  So instead of Manning, Brady, and Rivers, the AFC will have to put Schaub, Young, and Garrard under center.  Talk about an All-Star caliber Quarterback crew.

The NFL should not be have an all-star type game.   No one wants to play in it and no one really wants to watch it, unless you’re a fan of no defensive games.  The only reason players go is just for the pay-day bonus.  So get rid of this worthless game NFL and just recognize the players who are pro-bowlers and then just pay them.


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2006 NFL Draft: Still a Debate?

2006 NFL Draft's #1 Overall Draft Pick Mario Williams

2006 NFL Draft's #1 Overall Draft Pick Mario Williams

Lets rewind back to the year of 2006.  The college football season had an amazing ending with Vince Young and the Texas Longhorns battled the Heisman trophy winners of Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush and the rest of the USC Trojans in The Rose Bowl for the National Title.  Well we all know how that ended and we all figured those 3 players will be the top of the 2006 NFL Draft.

In the NFL Draft that year the number 1 overall pick belong to the Houston Texans.  Leading up to the draft everyone figured they had to go with either the Houston native and Texas hero Vince Young to replace the under performing David Carr or they had to get the explosive playmaker running back/ punt returner/ kick returner/ wide receiver Reggie Bush.  Then all of a sudden some random name popped into the mix, Mario Williams.  Mario Williams was a big Defensive End coming out of NC St. that quietly recorded 62 tackles, 24 for a loss and14.5 sacks. When the Texans announced that they were selecting Mario Williams with the number one overall pick just days before the draft, I along with many other Texans fans and practically every member of the media criticized this pick (I wanted VY of course).  Everyone knew that no matter what Williams did he would always be compared to Bush and Young and would never be as good as them.

Lets now fast forward to today.  Week 13 of the 2008 season.  The Titans had Vince Young sitting on the bench with old man Kerry Collins now carrying the load at qb, after Young got booed out of his own stadium on opening day and had thoughts of a possible suicide at the beginning of the 08 season, but did get the Titans to the playoffs last year.  Bush has had his moments throughout his young career.  Mainly hurt last season and missed 4 of the Saints 12 games this season.  He has been electrifying as a punt returner, but hasn’t been the consistent playmaker as a RB or WR as expected. Williams just finished his Monday Night Football debut against the Jags finishing the game with 3 sacks (11 sacks total) and could be on his way to his second straight pro bowl (2007 he had 13 sacks).  Williams has always been healthy and and never had any problems off the field.  He is deffinately becoming a fan favorite in Houston.  Its just too bad hes burried there and probably wont get the recognition he should be getting.

Ever since day one of his pro career, hes had to play for more than just the Houston Texans.  He’s had to play to win over the fans, silence his critics, and show that he was deserving of the number 1 overall pick in maybe one of the most talented drafts ever.  And im pretty sure he’s done all of the above.

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