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Brock Lesnar to return to UFC this summer

After wondering if he will ever fight again, UFC’s Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar said that he will return to the octogon this summer.  Lesnar hasn’t fought since July at UFC 100 when he defeated Frank Mir for the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship belt.  Since then

UFC's Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar is set to make his return to the Octogon

, Lesnar has been hospitalized  in Minnesota with an intestinal disorder which put a hole in his stomach and caused him to lose 40 pounds.  On ESPN’s SportsCenter UFC president Dana White and Lesnar had an interview announcing Lesnar’s return.  Lesnar said, “Everyone must be pissing themselves with this news.”  Even though Lesnar’s return date is not written in stone, it is rumored his first fight back will be at UFC 114 against the winner of the Frank Mir/Shane Carwin fight which is set for UFC 111.  The winner of that match will be the Interim Heavyweight Champion and then will face Lesnar for the out right Heavyweight Championship.

So welcome back Brock, you have been missed by UFC fans.  I’m sure everyone can’t wait until UFC 114 where I’m sure you will knock out Mir or Carwin and then maybe tell us what you may do with your wife afterwards and give the crowd the one finger salute like at UFC 100.


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