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UFC 117: Sonnen Talked the Talk and Walked the Walk, but Tapsout in the End

Coming into UFC 117 little known Middleweight #1 contender Chael Sonnen was yapping his gums at the best pound for pound fighter, Middleweight Champion, Anderson Silva.  Sonnen called him “a fake”, said “he’ll make Dana White fire Silva”, and said “that he was hosting Silva’s retirement party.”  I don’t think the UFC has seen anyone talk like Sonnen did.  UFC Hall of Famer Matt Hughes called the UFC 117 press conference “the funniest press conference he’s been at” as Silva and Sonnen went back and forth.

Going into the night no one thought he could back up the talk, but he did just that.  Sonnen in the first round rocked Silva and got him on the ground where Silva was for much of the night.  The second round was more of the same with Sonnen getting Silva on the ground and using his ground and pound to his advantage.  The third round was much of the same as the second round.   Sonnen had the fight wrapped up pretty much.  The only way Silva could remain Champion was if he was able to submit or knockout Sonnen.  In the fourth round Silva came out throwing, rocking Sonnen and getting him on the ground, but Sonnen used his wrestling to his advantage and was able to get on top of Silva for the remainder of the round.  Silva looked frustrated going into the fifth round, even though Sonnen was bloody with a cut above his left eye.  We never saw Silva dominated for a whole 20 minutes like we did tonight.  In the fifth both fighters came out swinging, but Silva slipped and Sonnen once again got Silva to the ground.  UFC announcer Joe Rogen said in the background “I wonder when Sonnen can start celebrating,”  the answer was not quite yet as Silva was able to get triangle choke on Sonnen.  It looked as if Sonnen was about to slip out of it as your able to see his right hand start to tap. 

We never saw Silva look so dominated or frustrated inside the octagon, usually it’s his opponents who has that look, but in the end ‘ why he is the best pound for pound fighter in the UFC.  As for Sonnen, he did a hell of a job promoting the fight.  He started as a nobody, but after a few interviews his mouth made him a somebody  and had non MMA fans actually pay the $45+  to watch the fight.  As much as he hyped the fight he sure did live up to it.  I’m sure in about 4-6 month we will see a Silva vs Sonnen 2 on a UFC fight card.

As for the other fights: Jon Fitch dominated Thiago Alves to become the #1 contender in the UFC Welterweight division and will fight the winner of Georges St. Pierre/ Josh Koscheck fight at UFC 124.

Lightweight contender Clay Guida submitted Rafael dos Anjos after breaking Anjos’ jaw

Welterweight legend Matt Hughes choked out Ricardo Almedia

Heavyweight Junior dos Santos  beat Roy Nelson by unanimous decision making him the Heavyweight division #1 contender and will fight the winner of Brock Lesnar/ Cain Velasquez fight at UFC 121

Overall a great night that lived up to the hype to a great fight card


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