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Should Steroid Users Be in the National Baseball Hall of Fame?

After yesterday’s admission by former slugger Mark McGwire finally admitting he did use steroids throughout the 1990’s, there has been much discussion now whether any steroid user should be in the National Baseball Hall of Fame.  Whether your name is Sammy Sosa, McGwire, Barry Bonds, Andy Pettite, Roger Clemens, Rafael Palmerio, and the list that goes on and on and on of speculated “roiders” should they be in the Hall?

In my opinion, yes these guys should be and here is why.  Even though all these steroid users have cheated the game they should be in the Hall of Fame because the Hall of Fame is like a big living story book of the game of baseball.  Any person inducted into the Hall of Fame or artifact in the museum is told in the story of baseball.  If you don’t put any of those names in the Hall it’s like this chapter of book is erased and the book is incomplete.  The “steroid era” is something that can not be ignored in baseball, in fact is huge part of how the game is played today than it was in the mid 1900s.  I say you need to put these guys in the Hall of Fame, but on their plaque it says something about admitted or alledged steroid user.

This is a pretty heated debate so I would appreciate it if everyone could leave a comment about what they think, if you agree with me and if we can get a pretty good discussion going.


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The Winner of the 2009 Heisman Trophy is……Mark Ingram

Trivia question: How many Heisman Trophy winners does the historic program of Alabama have and who are they?

2009 Heisman Trophy winner Mark Ingram hoists his newest trophy

Answer: 1, Mark Ingram.

So who is this kid who is the only Crimson Tide player to hoist the Heisman Trophy?

Mark Ingram Jr. grew up in Flint, Michigan and is the son of former NFL player Mark Ingram, who played Wide Receiver for New York Giants, Miami Dolphins, Green Bay Packers and Philadelphia Eagles.

Ingram Jr. pick to play his college football at the University of Alabama as a running back, even though in high school he was also a successful corner totaling 84 tackles and 8 interceptions.

As a Freshman at Alabama, he was second on the depth chart behind Glenn

Coffey at running back, but had a team high touchdowns with 12.  That helped him earn All-SEC Freshman honors.

Coffey left Alabama for the NFL which gave Ingram the starting running back job as a sophomore and took full advantage of it.  He totaled 1,864 all-purpose yards and18 TDs at seasons end.  Those stats, along with Alabama’s undefeated season, helped Ingram win the 2009 Heisman Trophy where he barely edged out Stanford’s Toby Gerhart. Ingram is the last running back since USC’s Reggie Bush to win the Heisman.

We’ll see if Ingram can become only the second Heisman Trophy winner to win two trophies ever next year as he will return to Alabama and defend this prestigious award.

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NFL Week 14 Picks

Kurt Warner and his Arizona Cardinals have a chance to clinch the NFC West against the 49ers on Monday Night Football

It’s Week 14 of the NFL season and with the season winding down there are some pretty key games that will help shape the playoff picture in both the AFC and NFC.

Week 14 got off to a crazy start as the Browns somehow upset the Steelers and I would’ve picked a reeling 6-6 Steelers team in a must win situation.  So it’s a good feeling to start off the week 0-1

Saints @ Falcons-With both Falcons QB Matt Ryan and RB Michael Turner questionable for the game, I have to give the game to the Saints as they continue to find ways to win and remain undefeated.

Packers @ Bears- A big rivalry game so throw out the records.  With the way the Packers defense is playing and with Bears QB Jay Cutler prone to interceptions, I go with the Packers and continue their playoff push.

Broncos @ Colts-  The Broncos have gotten hot of late outscoring their last two opponents 70-19, but they are at Indianapolis where the Colts have won their last 12 games.  With home field advantage and Peyton Manning behind center, the Colts remain undefeated.

Bills @ Chiefs- With the way Jamaal Charles has been running the ball for the Chiefs as of late and how bad the Bills run defense is, I have to go with the Chiefs

Bengals @ Vikings- This game should be a must watch for anyone.  With the Vikings Adrian Peterson struggling as of late, having to see the Bengals vicious run defense is not the best thing for AP.  Also, last Sunday night I think the Cardinals showed a big weakness in the Vikings secondary.  I predict Carson Palmer has a big day for the Bengals throwing the ball.  Bengals win this game in a close game.

Panthers @ Patriots-  Patriots try to rebound from back-to-back losses and haven’t lost three games in a row in seven years.  Plus, they are undefeated at home and playing the Panthers, so the Pats get back on track.

Jets @ Buccaneers- Jets will dominate the young offense of the Buccaneers and Thomas Jones should have a big game for the Jets running game.  Jets win easily.

Dolphins @ Jaguars- The Jags have some how won five straight games at home and have the final Wild Card spot as of now, but into Jacksonville come the Dolphins who believe they are better than their 6-6 record and trying to get that final Wild Card spot as well.I have to go with the Dolphins in this game with Chad Henne improving each game at QB adds another element along with the wildcat to the Dolphins offense.

Lions @ Ravens-  The Ravens should be highly encouraged with the Steelers now out of the playoff picture and it’s always more encouraging when the you see the Lions as your next opponent.   Ravens win in a blow out.

Seahawks @ Texans- Both teams are having disappointing seasons at 5-7 and both teams are streaking.  Seahawks are on a two game win streak, while the Texans have lost their last four games.  I expect the Texans to win this game as the Seahawks have a weak secondary, but gotta keep an eye on if Matt Schaub’s non-throwing shoulder is okay after he separated it last week.

Rams @ Titans- The Titans had their five game win streak snapped last week by the Colt, but should start another winning streak as the Rams come to Tennessee.

Redskins @ Raiders- Both teams are coming off opposite emotions from last weeks game.  The ‘skins have to be feeling down after they were literally stripped of a W last week and tried to end the Saints undefeated season.  While the Raiders have to be ecstatic after last weeks win in Pittsburgh.  With Bruce Gradkowski under center for the Raiders, I’m picking them over the Redskins.

Chargers @ Cowboys-  The Chargers are one of the hottest teams in the NFL right now.  The Cowboys are coming off a heartbreaking loss to the Giants after just giving up two big plays.  Also, it’s December which mean it’s bad news for the Cowboys.  Until the Cowboys win a game in December I will pick against them.  Chargers win in a close and entertaining game.

Eagles @ Giants-  You never know what may happen when these two teams get together.  The Eagles are beat up on both sides of the football.  While the Giants just came off a win against the Cowboys that wasn’t that impressive.  I’m going to go with the Eagles in a very physical game.

Cardinals @ 49ers-  This has to seem familiar to the Cardinals. Just like last year they are really getting no respect and should be after their dismantling of the Vikings last week.  I say the Cardinals win big and clinch the NFC West.

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My Favorite Annual College Football Game

Army vs. Navy is my favorite game to watch in all of College Football

When it comes to people talking about their favorite college football game, your most likely going to hear the likes of: Michigan vs Ohio State, USC vs Notre Dame, Texas vs Oklahoma, Miami vs Florida State, etc.  But there is one game out there that is always intense and a great watch for anybody.

That game is the Army-Navy game.

The Army-Navy game (played 109 times, Navy leads the series 53-49-7) is never a game filled with big named five or four star recruits or big time NFL prospects, but is played with as much passion, intensity, and respect as any other game played during the NCAA Football season.  There is nothing like hearing the Army Cadets yelling, “GO ARMY! BEAT NAVY!” and the Navy Midshipman yelling, “GO NAVY! BEAT ARMY!”  Then after the battle is over on the gridiron, the alma maters of both academies are sung with the teams side by side as a sign of respect.

The game may not be prettiest played or the highest profile, but when I watch this game Saturday afternoon I know I will be watching football and something much more important than just a game.

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2009 Heisman Trophy is up for grabs

This years Heisman Trophy presentation is filled with a bunch of questions:

Will Tim Tebow be holding the Heisman again? My guess is....very doubtful.

Can Florida’s Tim Tebow be the second player ever to win two Heismans?

Can Texas’ Colt McCoy finally win a Heisman after leading his Longhorns to the National Championship game?

Can Stanford’s Toby Gerhart win a Heisman by leading the nation in rushing yards, but playing for a 4 loss team?

Can Alabama’s Mark Ingram be the first ever Crimson Tide Heisman winner?

Can Nebraska’s Ndamukong Suh be the first defensive player since Michigan’s Charles Woodson in 1997 and be the first defensive linemen since Notre Dame’s Leon Hart in 1949 to win the Heisman?

Every single one of this years nominees have an argument for being this years winner, but then again each of them has their flaws too.  Which makes this Heisman Trophy presentation one of the most unpredictable presentation in years.

Tim Tebow- Why should he win? Tebow is the ultimate leader and winner.  There is no doubt about his leadership and the passion he brings to the Florida Gators.  People may wonder what does leadership have to do with this award.  Well a lot of voters like to put into account of the certain players leadership role on a team.

Why shouldn’t he win?  This was Tebow’s worst season.  He put no where near the numbers from last year and from 2 years ago, which he won the Heisman.  Also, our last memory of him was watching him playing one of, if not, his worst games of his career in the SEC Championship game vs Alabama.

Colt McCoy- Why should he win?  He finally got his Texas Longhorns through an undefeated season and to the BCS Championship game.  He also has a big leadership role with Texas and even though his numbers aren’t nearly as good as last years, he had no where near the weapons he had last year

Why shouldn’t he win? Again, what was the last thing we remember seeing of McCoy?  We saw him throwing three interceptions to the Nebraska defense and being thrown around like a rag doll by fellow Heisman nominee Ndamukong Suh.

Toby Gerhart-Why should he win? He led the nation in rushing yards (1,736) and rushing touchdowns (26).  He also led the Stanford Cardinal to the 19th rank in the nation, and their first bowl game in eight years

Why shouldn’t he win?- There really isn’t a good argument of why Gerhart should win the Heisman.  The only thing that may hold him back from receiving the reward is his team’s final record (8-4).  That should not figure into the voting, but unfortunately some voters will look at that.

Mark Ingram- Why should he win?  The last time we saw Ingram was on national TV in probably the biggest game of the season, the SEC Championship game, where he rushed for three touchdowns against the Gators and lead the Tide to the BCS Championship Game.  He was also 12th in the nation in rushing yards and had 18 touchdowns facing some of the best defenses

Why shouldn’t he win? In one of Alabama’s biggest games of the year against rival Auburn, Ingram was sitting on the bench as the Tide was down and quarterback  Greg McElroy orchestrated a magnificent game winning drive helping the Tide remain undefeated and get to the SEC Championship game.  In Alabama’s two biggest games (vs Auburn a

nd vs Florida), you can make the argument that McElroy shined more than Ingram.

Ndamukong Suh- Why should he win?  You can make the argument that he is the most dominating player in college football.  I personally did not see much of him this year, but from what I saw of him in the Big XII Championship Game he absolutely dismantled the Texas O-line and was in Colt McCoy’s face all night and punished him each time.  He had 12 tackles and 4 1/2 sacks in the Big XII Championship game.

Why shouldn’t he win?  I don’t have a reason why he shouldn’t win, but I can tell you why he won’t win.  He’s a defensive player.  The last defensive player to win the Heisman was Charles Woodson and he also returned punts.  I personally hope that he wins because from what I saw he’s an unstoppable force, but i don’t see the voters giving him many 1st place votes.

This is how I think the results will turn out:

1. Toby Gerhart- Most outstanding college player, lead the nation in rushing yards and TDs

2.Mark Ingram- Got his Tide to the Championship Game, but didn’t shine in big games

3.Colt McCoy- Led his Longhorns to the Championship Game, but performance against Nebraska hurt him.  Should have won the trophy last year

4- Ndamukong Suh-  Deserves the award, but being a defensive player hurts his chances

5.Tim Tebow- Sorry Tim, your nomination was an early Christmas present, if he wins there’s a serious problem.

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I want to apologize to readers for not writing about the end of the NHL Playoffs, all the baseball that happened over the summer and previewing the NFL and NCAA Football seasons in the fall.  With the Fall semester almost to a close and Christmas break is just a week away, I plan on resuming my blog and hoping to provide a unique outlook on events in sports.

Right now is a perfect time to get back to blogging with the NFL season winding now, the Heisman Award being presented this weekend, NCAA Bowl season is upon us, the NHL season is in full swing, and the MLB Hot Stove is heating up.  I hope everybody enjoys reading my blog, again.

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The Matchup Everyone Dreamed of is Now a Reality

Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin will face off in the Eastern Conference Semifinals

Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin will face off in the Eastern Conference Semifinals

Sidney Crosby vs. Alexander Ovechkin

This is what the NHL needs.  Two great players who absolutely hate each other. Two fan bases that hate the player on the opposing team.  This is what the Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin show has brought to the NHL.  Now the rivalry between the two superstars is about to go to a WHOLE different level.

After the Washington Capitals defeated the New York Rangers 2-1 in Game 7 Tuesday night, the match up was set that the NHL needs and has been waiting for.  The Pittsburgh Penguins, who defeated the Philadelphia Flyers in six games, will take on the Washington Capitals in a best of seven series starting Saturday.  Although this series will be fun to watch with a ton scoring, physical play, and two pretty good young goaltenders, but the focus throughout the series will be the Crosby/Ovechkin match up.

Both players are former #1 overall draft picks (Ovechkin in 2004, Crosby in 2005) and in their rookie years both looked like everything they lived up to as they racked up a ton of goals and assists.  The rivalry though didn’t really start to get really intense until the past couple of years.  This season, the rivalry has been at its peak so far.  After Ovechkin scored his 50th goal he put his stick down on the ice and acted like it was on fire, Crosby had some comments about the celebration pretty much saying he’s a show boat and went overboard.

Earlier this season both stars got tangled up along the board as Crosby pushed Ovechkin into his own bench and then Ovechkin went after Crosby.  As they were being separated Ovechkin taunted Crosby waving to him as Crosby was yelling from his own bench. After that game these comments were made from both players (watch video below)  

This series is what the NHL had to be hoping for to put the game of hockey back on the map.  The Crosby/Ovechkin could possibly be the Magic/Byrd rivalry that put the NBA on the map.  The NHL needs to promote this series like crazy to get the younger viewers into the game of hockey cuz this series will be “must see TV.”

As for the series, there will be lots of scoring as both teams have a lot of fire power.  The Caps are led by Ovechkin along with Nicklas Backstrom, Alexander Semin, Sergei Federov and Mike Green, while the Pens offensive weapons are Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, Jordan Staal, Bill Guerin.  The difference makers will be the ones guarding the net for both teams.  The Pens have Marc-Andre Fleury, while the Caps will have the rookie Simeon Varlamov, who spent most of the season in the minors with the Hershey Bears, but shut down the New York Rangers in the six games he played.  Despite how much i like the Caps offense i have to say the Pens will win the series in a thrilling seven game series.  The reason I pick the Pens: Marc-Andre Fleury.  Fleury lead the Pens in the series win over the Flyers and has the playoff experience.  Even though I will be cheering for Varlamov (as i saw him twice in Hershey) i don’t know how the youngster will adjust to the Pens lethal attack.

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2006 NFL Draft: Still a Debate?

2006 NFL Draft's #1 Overall Draft Pick Mario Williams

2006 NFL Draft's #1 Overall Draft Pick Mario Williams

Lets rewind back to the year of 2006.  The college football season had an amazing ending with Vince Young and the Texas Longhorns battled the Heisman trophy winners of Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush and the rest of the USC Trojans in The Rose Bowl for the National Title.  Well we all know how that ended and we all figured those 3 players will be the top of the 2006 NFL Draft.

In the NFL Draft that year the number 1 overall pick belong to the Houston Texans.  Leading up to the draft everyone figured they had to go with either the Houston native and Texas hero Vince Young to replace the under performing David Carr or they had to get the explosive playmaker running back/ punt returner/ kick returner/ wide receiver Reggie Bush.  Then all of a sudden some random name popped into the mix, Mario Williams.  Mario Williams was a big Defensive End coming out of NC St. that quietly recorded 62 tackles, 24 for a loss and14.5 sacks. When the Texans announced that they were selecting Mario Williams with the number one overall pick just days before the draft, I along with many other Texans fans and practically every member of the media criticized this pick (I wanted VY of course).  Everyone knew that no matter what Williams did he would always be compared to Bush and Young and would never be as good as them.

Lets now fast forward to today.  Week 13 of the 2008 season.  The Titans had Vince Young sitting on the bench with old man Kerry Collins now carrying the load at qb, after Young got booed out of his own stadium on opening day and had thoughts of a possible suicide at the beginning of the 08 season, but did get the Titans to the playoffs last year.  Bush has had his moments throughout his young career.  Mainly hurt last season and missed 4 of the Saints 12 games this season.  He has been electrifying as a punt returner, but hasn’t been the consistent playmaker as a RB or WR as expected. Williams just finished his Monday Night Football debut against the Jags finishing the game with 3 sacks (11 sacks total) and could be on his way to his second straight pro bowl (2007 he had 13 sacks).  Williams has always been healthy and and never had any problems off the field.  He is deffinately becoming a fan favorite in Houston.  Its just too bad hes burried there and probably wont get the recognition he should be getting.

Ever since day one of his pro career, hes had to play for more than just the Houston Texans.  He’s had to play to win over the fans, silence his critics, and show that he was deserving of the number 1 overall pick in maybe one of the most talented drafts ever.  And im pretty sure he’s done all of the above.

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MLB Mourns Death of Angels Prospect

Angels Pitcher Nick Adenhart

Angels Pitcher Nick Adenhart

If you travel a little over 30 minutes south from my hometown, you will find a little town called Williamsport, Maryland,  that was where Los Angeles Angels 22 year-old pitching prospect Nick Adenhart played his high school baseball.  After coming off of six scoreless innings for the Angels against the Oakland A’s, Adenhart was in a car hit by a drunk driver around midnight along with another passenger and the driver of the car he was in.

Coming out of high school Adenhart was projected to be a top five pick in the 2004 draft, but weeks earlier he had elbow problems and his draft stock fell.  He was drafted in the 14th round  by the Angels and had Tommy John surgery and spent four seasons in the Angels minor league system.

Adenhart made his Major League debut last year in May against the same team he made his unfortunate final start of his career against.  He finished his Major League Career with a 1-0 record, 6.00 ERA, 9 strike outs and 16 walks.  As much as he will be missed on the diamond, Angels outfielder Torii Hunter will remember him off of the diamond more.  “He was a great kid, he was funny, he was very popular in the clubhouse and off the field. People loved him,” Hunter said of him.

With a future as bright as Adenhart’s was, it is unfortunate that we will not be able to see this kid grow as not only as a pitcher, but as a person.

I was surprised by the news of his death as i was getting ready to go to Baltimore for the Yankees/Orioles game and a friend that i was going to the game with told me he received a phone call from his friend about Adenhart’s accident this morning.  I was in shock since he just pitched yesterday and it was no where on MLB Network or ESPN before we left.

My condolences are out to all of Adenhart’s friends and family.

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