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NHL A More Entertaining Watch on Super Bowl Sunday Than NFL

While everyone was either going shopping for their Super Bowl party food or else shoveling snow if you live in the Mid-Atlantic region, you probably missed the more entertaining sporting even than the Saints vs Colts.

Yes the Super Bowl was a very good game and had more viewers than any other TV program in the history of the U.S, but the Pittsburgh Penguins vs Washington Capitals game outshined the Super Bowl.  You had the best individual rivalry in sports  going at it and both didn’t disappoint.  Not to mention a great comeback just made the game even better.

The Pens took 4-1 lead into the 3rd period with  2 goals from both Sidney Crosby and Jordan Staal.  Then the Caps took over scoring three goals in the final period including two goals from Alexander Ovechkin, his second goal of the period being his third of the game.  Which sent the game into Overtime.  Then in OT Ovechkin put a shot on net that hit the right post as Caps’ winger Mike Knuble put the rebound in for the game winning goal and made the Caps’ win streak 13 games.

If your not a big time hockey fan, just do yourself a favor and watch a Capitals/Penguins game sometime.  Everytime it’s entertaining as you are able to see the three best players on the ice at the same time.  You will be instantly captivated


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I’m actually not going to do a preview.  For the past 2 week we have heard from all like 1000 guys on ESPN, FOX Sports, or any other sports channel breaking down the big game in every single possible way.  I’ve actually been trying my best to stay away from ESPN because I’m getting so tired of it.

This is how I think it will play out:  Colts get ahead early as the Saints have first quarter jitters and Drew Brees throws a INT on the Saints second possession.  Second Quarter the Saints get in rhythm  and have a feel for the game and the atmosphere, but Peyton Manning is too much to handle as the teams head into the locker rooms. Colts up 27-17.

Then The Who performs and all little kids watching asks their mommies and daddies “Who are The Who?”  Then their mommies and daddies have to ask their mommies and daddies “Who are The Who?”  I just hope we don’t see any of The Who do a sliding crotch shot into a camera like Bruce Springstein did last year.

Teams come back out on the field for the second half for one of the most offensive explosive games in Super Bowl history.  The Saints will make it close, but Manning will lead the Colts to their 2nd Championship in four years.  Colts win 44-38.

I just wish I could hang out with this dog throughout the entire game tonight:

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