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Hockey At It’s Best

A lot of people like hockey, but most people only watch hockey for the fights.  I’ve seen quite a few crazy fights when I have gone the AHL’s Hershey Bears’ games, but I have certainly not seen anything like this.  A few days ago in Russia’s KHL a bench clearing brawl took place and it just became a chaotic scene.  One notable player that I know of was involved was is #68 on in white, Jaromir Jagr who we all know from his playing days with the Pittsburgh Penguins, Washington Capitals and New York Rangers.  One thing I like to point out are the goalies who are just chatting away while everyone else goes at it.  ENJOY!


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  1. You need more hockey on here dutty haha, pens and caps played last night the two biggest superstars on the same stage…next sunday pens play the redwings in pittsburgh, for the first rematch since game 7 of the stanley cup… ill be at the game if you want some analysis on it

    Comment by R.J. Finafrock | January 22, 2010 | Reply

    • I’ll try to get more stuff in on hockey. I only watch main matchups like say Flyers vs Caps, Flyers vs Pens, Caps vs Pens and if i can find it on the tv a Blackhawks, Sharks, or Wings game. I wish i did an article on the Winter Classic but when i thought about doing it, I figured it was too late, but come playoff time more hockey stuff will be on here

      Comment by dutty21 | January 23, 2010 | Reply

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