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Hockey At It’s Best

A lot of people like hockey, but most people only watch hockey for the fights.  I’ve seen quite a few crazy fights when I have gone the AHL’s Hershey Bears’ games, but I have certainly not seen anything like this.  A few days ago in Russia’s KHL a bench clearing brawl took place and it just became a chaotic scene.  One notable player that I know of was involved was is #68 on in white, Jaromir Jagr who we all know from his playing days with the Pittsburgh Penguins, Washington Capitals and New York Rangers.  One thing I like to point out are the goalies who are just chatting away while everyone else goes at it.  ENJOY!


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Should Steroid Users Be in the National Baseball Hall of Fame?

After yesterday’s admission by former slugger Mark McGwire finally admitting he did use steroids throughout the 1990’s, there has been much discussion now whether any steroid user should be in the National Baseball Hall of Fame.  Whether your name is Sammy Sosa, McGwire, Barry Bonds, Andy Pettite, Roger Clemens, Rafael Palmerio, and the list that goes on and on and on of speculated “roiders” should they be in the Hall?

In my opinion, yes these guys should be and here is why.  Even though all these steroid users have cheated the game they should be in the Hall of Fame because the Hall of Fame is like a big living story book of the game of baseball.  Any person inducted into the Hall of Fame or artifact in the museum is told in the story of baseball.  If you don’t put any of those names in the Hall it’s like this chapter of book is erased and the book is incomplete.  The “steroid era” is something that can not be ignored in baseball, in fact is huge part of how the game is played today than it was in the mid 1900s.  I say you need to put these guys in the Hall of Fame, but on their plaque it says something about admitted or alledged steroid user.

This is a pretty heated debate so I would appreciate it if everyone could leave a comment about what they think, if you agree with me and if we can get a pretty good discussion going.

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